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Testimonials / Clients

After getting out of the military, help was far and few between. I chose TCE for the way that they approach teaching you the proper way of operating a tractor-trailer combination. They approach you in an open manner that makes it feel like home, yet you know that you are in school by how they drive the essential parts to become successful in this business. Not only did they give me the tools to be successful, TCE helped me land my first job with criteria that needed to me met. I highly recommend this school to students looking to get the best education on how to properly and safely operate a tractor-trailer combination in a variety of conditions.

- Anthony McFarlane (2014)

TCE is a great school to go to because the staff is great. They help you understand the importance of the trucking industry. They teach you how to drive a truck the proper way and how to do a log book. It's a great school to go to and they will help you get your CDL; if you have problems with a certain part they will take the time to help you with it one on one. TCE helps you get a job and they also help with filling out an application for a job. I highly recommend this school and program.

- Bobby Black (2014)

If you're thinking about getting your commercial license, look no further than TCE. These guys know what they are talking about. I got my CDL from here, love the training time, help finding work right away and if you have a question that they can't answer, they will dig to find it. Thank you TCE, love every mile I get to turn. Thanks to you I am able to support my family in a way I never thought possible.

- S. Bartlett (2016)

"I'm now making twice what I was before I started training."

- Mohammad Baglary

"As an 18-year-old female I would encourage anyone of any age, especially females, to come here. Now I'm a professional truck driver and as soon as I hear that someone wants to become a truck driver I will refer him or her to TCE."

- Kristin Kottke

"After 9/11, the economy and job market in the IT industry bottomed out. I wanted a job that was not dependant on a fluctuating economy so I made the transition to the transportation industry."

- Scott McDowell