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A Career School Truly Preparing You for a Successful Career in the Trucking Industry

At TCE we operate as a private career school preparing you for a successful career in the commercial truck driving industry. As such, we train you to obtain more than your CDL. We train you on everything you need to know beyond that so you can truly become a Professional Truck Driver. Because while your CDL is an indicator that you have passed the minimum skills and knowledge tests concerning the type of equipment you will be operating, it is only one piece of the puzzle.


As a career-based school, our only business is to put all of our students to work in the trucking field. At TCE we have structured our school, our training, and our instructor requirements in such a way to make this happen.



Everyone who works here our staff and instructors are proud of the quality of assistance and instruction TCE offers. This allows us to offer a fun and relaxed teaching environment in which safety still remains the number one priority. Former students are always coming back to talk to us about their jobs, share truck driving stories, compare experiences, and show their appreciation to us; in addition to referring friends and family to our school! Contact us today to take the first step toward your future.

Our Credentials

Licensed by:

  • State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety


Training Programs Approved by:

  • Minnesota Workforce Investment Act
  • MET - Motivation, Education & Training, Inc.
  • Minnesota State Approving Agency
Our Pre-Hire Guarantee

TCE, Inc. is the only truck driving school requiring a carrier pre-hire in order to enroll. You get one shot at submitting for a pre-hire; and we take that very seriously. To ensure that a pre-hire will go-through, our administrative staff at TCE provides the following:


  • A review your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and criminal background at no cost to you.
  • Collection of all supporting documentation required by the carrier, including accident reports and any explanations necessary to submit your application.
  • A comprehensive review of all applications prior to submitting to any carrier. We have learned that any omissions could result in an applications denial.


At TCE, Inc. we work to ensure the above documentation and applications are submitted properly. No other school has these requirements or necessary staff to ensure employ-ability. This is how we are able to have an offer of employment before or during your enrollment in the program.